At Roll7, a company based in New Cross, London, on their title OlliOlli, an Arcade 2D Skateboarding game. I drew nearly all of the character and level assets in a classic pixel style. My responsibility, along with the lead designer was to sculpt the look and feel of the game. I was allowed to design and inject creativity into the details of characters and levels, but kept to the constraints, such as size of the obstacles or parts of the terrain that had to be looped.

Modelled after London, the first level is simply titled "Urban".

I also sprited the main character. Although he has no name in-game, he has become colloquially called "Gillespie"

The basic stance.

As part of my work at Roll7, I have also done some GUI artwork. These images are used in the game's tutorial. I had to make sure that these images best demonstrated the mechanics of the game in a way that felt most natural to the player

Tutorial UI