A Maze Thing

A Maze Thing is a 3-D maze puzzle game for Apple iOS, utilising OpenFrameworks. Using Bullet physics, the aim of the game is to navigate a ball to the exit of a randomly-generated maze.

Laser Game

This is a game that is made using OpenGL ES2.0. It was my first major project at Goldsmith's College. The aim of the game is to reflect lasers off mirrors to hit a goal of a specific colour. Colours can be filtered to form new colours.


This is a program that is made using OpelGL ES2.0 and Box2D. The aim of this project was to develop a program using a library, so I chose a physics engine that uses joints to limit degrees of freedom of rigidbodies.


This is a program that will read L-System config files, and draw a tree based on them. The program supports any number of rules

Mandelbrot Set

This is a DirectX application that displays the Mandelbrot set. The user can zoom in and look around the fractal with the keys and mouse, and also they can change the gradient colours by modifying config files.