Beatfighter was an iOS game that is being developed at Roll7. It is a rhythm-based fighting game, where you can choose your own music to fight to. It utilises the Maximilian Library, written by Dr. Mick Grierson of Goldsmith's College. Maximilian is an open-source audio synthesis library. It analyses the "Flux" of a sound file and is able to detect certain beats and boundaries within a song.

Here, we are using it to make a game. Beat Fighter uses this to generate enemies that will attack you in time to the music. Enemies will appear from either side of the screen and the player has to tap that side of the screen in time to the music in order to attack them. For the past few weeks I have been developing this game myself, taking the project over from a previous intern. My main responsibility has been to prototype new ideas for the game.

Beatfighter makes use of OpenFrameworks, an Open-source toolkit for rapid prototyping. To make features easier for me to implement, I have taken a modular approach to the code as I possibly can in this project, for instance, the GUI is handled separately from the rest of the game logic. Each game state is stored in it's own class, which is a subclass of a generic "State" class. I have spent the start of this project setting this up as the previous programmer on this project had a very unmodular, very rigid and unexpandable structure to the code. This will allow me to add more features in the future.